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Perfect Tibetan Gift.

A beautiful Copper Tibetan singing bowl with wooden stick.

Use the wooden stick to make the bowl sing and make a divine dong.


The Singing bowls sing very easily and produce rich, harmonic and soothing sounds that last for a long time.

They produce energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress free relaxation.

These singing bowls are used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal wellbeing, energy healing and chakra balancing.


They are used by a wide range of professionals, including health professionals, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers.


Singing bowls are used in health care by psychotherapists, massage therapists and stress and meditation specialists.


A perfect gift for yourself or a gift that will make someone more than happy - bringing a little extra inner calm.



Diameter 8.5 cm

Tibetan Singing Bowl - 8.5 cm diameter

SKU: 988

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