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This Throat Chakra Crystal Candle is made with real gemstone rocks, all-natural soy wax, specially blended perfume, and magical wood wicks. 

This Throat Chakra Crystal Candle is made with Sodalite and Jade chips. 


The fragrance, "Gentle Reasons," encourages mindful and clear expression. 

The box carries a reminder, "Words are your most powerful tool, use with utmost care." 

As you light the candle, you'll experience the wonderful fragrance of the specially blended aroma. 


After burning this candle, the jar can be repurposed, and you can clean and keep the rock crystals. 


Burning time: 17 hours approx. 
Dimensions: 8.5x5 (cm) 
Materials: Soy Wax, Fragrance, Glass. 


Buy here from our online store or at our Crystal and Gift shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Throat Chakra Crystal Candle - Soy Wax - 17 hours burning time

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