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Sphere Pendulum - Tigers eye Crystal - with chain. 
Crystal Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing, energy healing and inner growth. Many healers use pendulums to unblock and balance the chakras. 


A pendulum is a great tool for any person developing their psychic and spiritual abilities, by listening to your inner guidance “intuition” you will awaken your psychic powers. 

Crystal dowsing can be performed in many ways and it is claimed for all sorts of purposes, such as finding water, minerals, missing people and even lost objects. It is also used in reiki healing and divination. 


A pendulum is defined as “objects attached at the end of a string or metal chain”, when suspended from a stationary position, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion when you ask a question. 


Crystal: Tiger eye. 
Metal: Zinc Alloy. 

Sphere Pendulums - Tiger eye Crystal - with chain

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