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Smoky Lemurian Quartz  - 4 sizes to choose from. 

Sizes to choose from: 

Small: 6mm x 30mm. 

Medium: 8mm x 35mm. 

Large: 12mm x 40mm. 

Extra Large: 12mm x 70mm. 


Smoky Lemurian Quartz is a protection stone that cleanses and clears negative energy. This Smoky Quartz Crystal is a grounding and stabilizing gemstone that brings centring energies. Smoky Quartz stones help you to overcome negative emotions, such as stress, fear, jealousy and anger. 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Smoky Lemurian Quartz. 


Please note: The pictures are an example of the crystal, the one you will receive will be similar but as all crystals are unique, it may differ in shape, size and colour. 


Buy here online or at our Crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Smoky Lemurian Quartz - 4 sizes to choose from


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