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Selenite Heart Candle Holder - Size: width 9cm, Lenght 8cm, Height 5cm

Selenite which is kind of a translucent crystal allows the flame of the candle to flicker slightly through the walls of the candle holder. Edges of the candle holders are rough which is natural to selenite.


Selenite Candle Holders are shiny and sometimes with whiter areas. Top of each candle holder is polished and the underside is cut flat.


Selenite is used for good luck and protection. The powerful vibration of Selenite crystals can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Selenite can also be used to strengthen the memory.


Healing with Selenite
Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.


Size: width 9cm, Lenght  8cm, Height 5cm


Origin Morocco
Materials / Ingredientsselenite


Selenite Heart Candle Holder​​​​​​​ - Size: width 9cm, Lenght 8cm, Height 5cm

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