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Large Selenite Chakra Crystal Lamp comes complete with a cable plug and bulb. 

Approximate Size: 24cm x 8cm x 8cm Approx. 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Selenite Chakra Crystal Lamp and 1 x cable with plug and 1 x bulb. 


This lamp is obtained from natural selenite stone, it is then cut into blocks and decorated by hand. 

Selenite is popular for charging and cleansing other crystals, making them a particularly special stone. Some even believe this type of crystal never needs to be charged itself. 


Please note: The pictures are examples of the crystal lamp, as each crystal lamp is unique the one you receive may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. 


Buy here from our online store or at our Crystal and Gift shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Selenite Chakra Crystal Lamp - Large Size 24cm x 8cm x 8cm Approx.

SKU: 42298

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