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Root Chakra Singing Bowl Gift Set - Size 8x8x5 (cm)

This beautiful gift set includes:

Root chakra singing bowl, wooden singing bowl stick, Chakra mat and carrying box


The first chakra is known by several names: root, base, or Muladhara.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its function is survival and grounding. Its inner state is stillness and stability. Its colour is red and its planets are Earth and Saturn. 

Some of the crystals which balance this chakra are Red Jasper, Red Agate, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx and Obsidian.

Meditation on and balancing this chakra gives energy to the physical body, helps to control fear, increases overall health and helps in grounding. 


The perfect Chakra gift, use the wood end of the stick to make the bowl sing. A gift that will make someone more than happy - bringing a little extra inner calm.


Frequencies of the sound are different between our Chakra signing bowls. The base tone is unchanged, but the wave sound differs, according to the chakra it is associated with.

Singing bowls are really a type of bell, the sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound.



Origin India
Dimensions8x8x5 (cm), 0.32L, 0.625Kg/L



Root Chakra Singing Bowl Gift Set - Size 8x8x5 (cm)

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