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Moonstone Healing Properties. 

Crystal size: 15mm x 25mm (approximately) 

♥ Happiness ♥ Good fortune ♥ Nurturing ♥ Mothering ♥ Unselfishness ♥ Humanitarian ♥ Love ♥ Hope ♥ Spiritual insight ♥ Easy childbirth ♥ Safe travel ♥ New beginnings ♥ Abundance ♥ Ancient wisdom. 


Moonstone is composed of Orthoclase and Albite, two species from the Feldspar group.  Rainbow Moonstone is a name often given to Labradorite in a white matrix.  Moonstone is a 3rd Anniversary gemstone. 


Chakras - Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra. 
Birthstone - June. 
Zodiac - Cancer, Libra, Scorpio. 
Planet – Moon. 
Element – Water. 
Typical colours - cream, yellow, blue, grey, peach/pink. 


Please note: The picture is an example of the crystal you will receive; as all crystals are unique the colour of the crystal may be different to the ones in the picture. 


Buy here online or at our crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Moonstone - Tumble stone (Gemstone) - Size approx. 15mm - 25mm

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