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This beautiful Genuine Campo del Cielo meteorite keyring / key chain. 

The meteorite has been encased in resin and made into a keyring. 

Each Campo del Cielo meteorite keyring comes on a card and on the back of this card there is information about the meteorite. 


Genuine Campo del Cielo meteorite information. 
Earth impact date: 4200-4700 years ago (2200-2700 years BC) 
The estimated age of the meteorite is 4.5 billion years old. 
Campo del Cielo is a group of craters in the Gran Chaco region, near the hamlet of Campo del Cielo, north-central Argentina, 1,000km north-west of Buenos Aires. 
It was first discovered in 1576 by members of a Spanish exploration team but the site was already well known among the local inhabitants, who rightly said that the rocks had fallen from the sky. 
The total weight of meteorite pieces discovered so far is about 100 tonnes, making it one of the heaviest known meteorites recovered on Earth. 

Keyring pendant size: 30mm x 40mm approximately. 

Meteorite size: 10mm x 10mm approximately. 


Please note: The picture is an example of the Campo del Cielo meteorite keyring, as each meteorite keyring is unique the one you receive may differ in shape, size and colour. 


Buy here online or in our Crystal and gift shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Meteorite in Resin - Genuine Campo del Cielo meteorite Keyring / Key chain

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