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Lemon Verbena Essential Oil - 10ml Bottle. 

Latin Name: Aloysia Triphylla. 
Part of Plant Used: Herb. 
Source: Spain. 
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation. 


Using Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is a popular herbal remedy with a stimulating scent and has a wide range of potential health benefits when used properly. 

With its expectorant properties, Verbena Oil is often used to loosen phlegm, clear congestion and soothe the associated pain of a hacking cough. What is more, the high citral content means it can often kill the bacteria found in mucus. 


The physical relief induced by verbena is well-established, but it has many mentally therapeutic benefits too. Verbena’s presence in body mists, massage oils, candles and diffusers can inspire and stimulate the mind, providing sweet relief from the lethargy and monotony of the daily grind. 


PLEASE NOTE: This essential oil is for external use ONLY. 


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Lemon Verbena Essential Oil - 10ml Bottle

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