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Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pendant with a 925 Sterling Silver Chain. 

This beautiful Evil Eye 15mm x 13mm charm has a 5mm Lapis Lazuli gemstone, please note that due to their handmade nature, the size of the charms and gemstones may vary slightly from piece to piece. 
The Evil Eye charm includes a 3mm loop fitted with a soldered 5mm jump ring stamped 925. 

The Evil Eye is commonly believed to protect the wearer from evil and ward off the evil that has been directed at them. Whether you are a believer or not they make a very pretty pendant. 

The Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pendant size is approximately 15mm x 13mm, it comes with a 925 Sterling Silver chain, the chain is approximately 46cm (18") in Length. 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pendant and 1 x 925 Sterling Silver chain. 
Please note: The pictures are examples of the Pendant, as each one is unique, the one that you will receive may differ in size, shape, and colour. 

Sterling silver (or STS) is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.  Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing functional objects; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal. Over the years, some countries developed systems of hallmarking silver. The purpose of hallmark application is to indicate the purity of the silver alloy used in the manufacture or hand-crafting of the piece. 


Buy here from our online store or at our Crystal and Gift shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver Pendant with a Sterling Silver Chain

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