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Good Luck Happy Brass Buddhas. 

3 sizes to choose from

Small:  Height 4.5 cm, Length 4 cm, Width 4 cm, Weight 93 g. (approx)  

Medium: Height 5.5 cm, Length 5 cm, Width 4.5 cm, Weight 136 g. (approx) 

Large: Height 6.5 cm, Length 6.5 cm, Width 5 cm, Weight 321 g. (approx) 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Happy Brass Buddha. 


Bring joy and happiness to your home, office, spa or sacred place with these amazing  Happy Brass Buddhas. (Buddha statues are often used in Feng Shui.) 

These stunning Brass Buddha statues have neutral colour tones that will fit well with any existing decor whether it is in your home, office, waiting room, yoga space, spa etc. They will add serenity and calm to any space. 


Handmade items. 
Made from Brass. 

Origin: Indonesia. 


Buy here online or in our Crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Happy Brass Buddhas - 3 sizes to choose from


For shipping prices in Cyprus Click Here

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