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Set of 2 Crystal Gemstone Friendship and Love Bracelets

These set of 2 Friendship Bracelets represent - Eternity - The crystals used in these bracelets are Leopard Skin Jasper and Lava Stone Crystal Gemstones.

Each packet contains 2 of the same type of crystal bracelets so you can give one to your friend, partner or loved one and keep the other for yourself. So, each of you will have an identical crystal bracelet for you both to wear to declare a friendship and love for each other.

Each set has a tag that displays the type of friendship reflected by that crystal gemstone. 
You can give one and keep one to celebrate a special bond of friendship + = symbol of connection.

Don't worry about them fitting you and your friend as they stretch - one size fits all.
The perfect gift for any occasion

Eternity - Leopard Skin Jasper and Lava Stone - Set of 2 Friendship Bracelets

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