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Grey Botswana Agate

Agates are grounding stones that help to create emotional and intellectual balance while harmonizing yin and yang.

Grey Botswana Agate (Stone of Change)  can help you handle change in a positive way. It will assist you to focus on your solutions to problems. Botswana Agate may be helpful to overcome negativity and bitterness in the heart. It is a great everyday crystal tool, as it helps on looking to solutions rather than dwelling on problems. 


Whatever your beliefs gemstones are attractive, interesting and fun to study and collect, and they certainly are beautiful. 


The Tumble stones (gemstones) are approximately 20mm - 30mm per stone.

This is the most popular collectable size. 

Agate (Botswana Gray) - African Crystal Tumbled Stone - Size approx. 20mm - 30mm

SKU: 923

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