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Large Black Tourmaline Rough Raw Gemstone with Gift Bag - Size 30mm x 35mm (approx.) 

Black Tourmaline crystals are powerful gemstones and have the ability to absorb negative energy. It can both protect and cleanse you and your environment, and also EMFs. 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Black Tourmaline Gemstone - Size 30mm x 35mm (approx.) and 1 x Gift Bag. 


Please note: The pictures are examples of the gemstone, the one you will receive will be similar but as all gemstones are unique, it may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. 


Many people of all ages are becoming aware of the effects of EMF and EMR on our bodies, EMF stands for electromagnetic field, it is sometimes also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
All the electronic devices (mobiles, computers, TV’s etc…) in our life send out streams of invisible energy waves that move through our body, these invisible energy waves can lead to low-level side effects that may impact our wellbeing. 


Buy here online or at our Crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Black Tourmaline Gemstone with Gift Bag - Large Size approx. 30mm - 35mm

SKU: 41509

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