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Amethyst crystal gemstone tree with an orgonite base, this beautiful crystal tree has 160 Amethyst crystal chip stones on the branches of the tree. 

It is handmade from real crystal gemstones and mounted on the orgonite base, which is in the shape of a pyramid and filled with the same natural crystals that are on the tree.  Orgonite is a popular spiritual healing tool known as a protection against electromagnetic pollution. 


PLEASE NOTE: Shapes and sizes of trees may vary. The branches can be artfully arranged. 

Size: 8x8x17(cm) approximately. 

Materials: Metal, Chipstones, Resin. 


Origin India


Buy here from our online shop or in our Crystal and Gift Shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Amethyst crystal gemstone tree with an orgonite base - (Large) 160 Stones

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