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Natural Amber Pendant Leaf Design. 

Pendant: Natural Amber. 

Metal: Sterling Silver. 


Height: 25mm. (approx.) 

Length: 12mm. (approx.) 

Width: 5mm. (approx.) 


Amber is prehistoric pine resin which has fossilised over the millennia. 
It is widely believed that amber can help get rid of anxiety and depression because it releases negativity from our body. 
Although actually organic, Amber is sometimes considered and used as a gemstone and is often used in jewellery making. 

Many healers use Amber as a healing tool to help balance emotions and energy levels. Another health benefit of amber is that it helps reduce pain. 

Most of the World's amber is in the range of 30-90 million years old. 


With each order, you will receive 1 x Amber Pendant. 


Buy here online or at our crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

Amber Pendant Leaf Design - Sterling Silver

SKU: 41224

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