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A pair of Selenite Calcite Geodes - Extra Large Size 15 cm - 15 cm approximately. 

Selenite is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. 


What is a geode rock? 
Geologists have long been challenged to explain how geodes, those mysterious spherical rocks, are formed. ... A geode is a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Rocks which are completely filled with small compact crystal formations such as agate, jasper or chalcedony are called nodules. 


Please note: The pictures are examples of the Selenite Calcite Geode as each Selenite Calcite Geode is unique the one you receive may differ in shape, size, and colour. 


Buy here from our online shop or in our Crystal shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

A pair of Selenite Calcite Geodes - Extra Large Size 15 cm -15 cm approx.

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