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Give your loved one a wonderful gift voucher. 

Above in the picture, you can see an example of our beautifully professionally designed gift voucher. 


You can use it to buy any of the products we sell in our shop

Below are some examples... 

  • Use it to buy Crystals (pendants, bracelets, necklaces, eyerings etc...) 
  • Use it to buy Essential oils, Diffusers, angel cards etc... 
  • Use it to buy incense sticks, cones, oil burners etc... 
  • Use it to buy statues, figurines, collectables etc... 
  • Use it to buy Himalayan salt lamps, crystal lamps etc... 

We have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful products to choose from. 


You can purchase these gift vouchers here online or at our Crystal Shop in Paphos, Cyprus. 

€150 Gift voucher

SKU: 41291

For shipping prices in Cyprus Click Here

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